Almost time for some colorful leaves, crisp apples and pumpkins!

September. Whenever I hear that month, I start humming and breaking out the lyrics of the Earth Wind & Fire song by that name. (What do you think I’m doing now?!) It’s now September – I can’t believe summer is coming to a close! Fall is an exciting time of year. The air is crisp, the leaves and trees are full of color, and the humidity is almost in check. Memories of jumping in leaf piles, shopping for new school supplies, meeting friends, and learning about Johnny Appleseed in grade school can’t be forgotten. The title of this post says it all!

So, what have I been up to this summer? I’ve had a busy and rewarding summer, working three jobs and continuing to volunteer at a local hospital. My internship with a local City has been a great experience and has piqued my interest in local government and citizen/resident relations. The City will be getting a new website soon, and it’s been my task to help prepare for that transition by working with all of the departments to generate new and exciting ideas for content, while improving what is currently posted. I’ve had a fantastic experience working with the Police and Fire departments to update their pages and feature a community services and programs section. I think public safety departments are a great resource for citizens, and there are countless ways that community partnerships can be developed and furthered that can help promote safety and well-being as a result. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with these departments and can even further appreciate what these dedicated men and women do on a daily basis to serve and protect their community. It’s been a great experience that has really helped me develop more project management skills that will in turn benefit my future career.

I also did some freelance work for a former employer (and my alma mater! Once a Saint, Always a Saint!) this summer, interviewing and writing short features on new faculty members for their brand new blog/news initiative. That’s been very interesting, learning about the faculty members’ inspiration for teaching and finding out more about their expertise areas.

My volunteer experience in graphic design has really been rewarding, and I can’t thank enough the mentors I work with, for providing me guidance with projects but also being a listening ear, helping me work toward finding a career. I’m always envious of graphic designers and their skills, as they seem to know all the cool tricks and editing techniques.

I hope to stay in tune with this blog, and continue to work on furthering my portfolio development as the Fall grows closer. I can’t wait to jump start my career, and hope a new beginning during the Fall season will bring memories to come!


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