Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning. Those two words are probably what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. Okay, well, not entirely; but it is a large part of what Communication, public relations, and marketing encompass. 

One of my courses, Strategic Communication Research and Strategy, has a strategic plan/campaign assignment requirement. We were given three prompts in class to choose from to form our campaign. These prompts were 1) increase the image of St. Louis City to travelers; 2) increase the image of St. Louis City to West County residents; and 3) create a membership program for Busch Stadium. All of these prompts are current issues being dealt by the City, and it is our task to develop a creative campaign to address the issue. 

I am doing the first two prompts. Currently I’m working on the first prompt. My plan for the first prompt to increase the image of St. Louis to travelers is to develop a campaign to lure travelers of the young professionals age category to St. Louis by promoting St. Louis’ thriving music scene. I plan to “partner” with one of St. Louis’ fine music venues and host a kick-off event and a series of other events with a multi-media awareness campaign to accomplish my objective. 


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